About Forest Hills Painting

Established in 2008, recognized as an industry leader and winning awards by 2009. Our teams produce the highest quality finishes for the Greater Cincinnati Area. Equipped to handle any residential project, facility maintenance contract and/or big box repaint. We proudly employ talented locals and provide a safe, positive work environment.

Forest Hills Painting
3442 Church Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45244

Our Philosphy

A message from Shane Carter, owner of Forest Hills Painting.

As the owner of Forest Hills Painting, I've built my company on the same values that are reflected in our quality of workmanship and customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves in delivering the highest level of service to our customers on each and every one of our jobs.

My company strives to provide our clients with professional craftsmanship in every way. Having your home or structure improved upon can potentially be invasive and time consuming. As your contractor, it is my job to prevent and absorb the stresses any project may bring about, while respecting your time and property. We create a respectful atmosphere while taking care of every detail – and you just pick the colors. Nearly two decades in the business has assured me that this philosophy is one every homeowner, property manager, or construction supervisor can appreciate.

Additionally, Forest Hills Painting is the first, and perhaps only, painting company in the area to adopt the go green philosophy. This is a market inundated by petro- chemicals and environmentally unfriendly products. It must be said that in many circumstances, a hand full of these products are the only ones on the market to do certain functions without compromising quality. We are committed to proper application, and the extremely important proper disposal and recycling of such products. We do this to protect our clients, ourselves....and our enviornment.

To schedule a free home painting estimate, email or call Shane Carter at 513-515-0022.