Carpentry and Remodeling Services in Cincinnati

The majority of homes in this climate will require some amount of exterior repairs before they can be painted. This can range from just a few fascia boards or brick moldings to windows, window sills, siding, corner boards, etc. Most homeowners prefer to deal with one contractor to take care of both the repairs and painting. It is more convenient for them and makes scheduling much easier, although we do not require that you contract with us to do both the repairs and painting. Some homeowners choose to do the repairs themselves or hire their own carpenter.

Expert Carpentery Services

At Forest Hills Painting we understand that every customer has different needs, goals and budgets when it comes to the repair and painting of their home. From our experience, we have found that it is best to try and inform the customer of the total extent of the repairs needed prior to starting the project. This eliminates a lot of questions and frustrations the customer may have regarding the overall cost of the project. Sometimes this estimate can be overwhelming to a customer because most homeowners are not always aware of the extent of rotten wood that exists on their home and many contractors are not trained to identify all of the rotten wood. Keep in mind that if rotten wood is painted over, the paint will eventually fail due to the moisture in the wood. Be very cautious of any contractor who states they will "replace all rotten wood as needed" without giving you a detailed list of the repairs. Our estimates are always itemized with exactly the boards to be replaced.

Even though we make every attempt to find all damaged areas prior to starting the project, it is nearly impossible to find every piece of rotten wood at the time of the estimate without physically touching every piece of wood on the house. Unfortunately this is just not feasible to do on an estimate. However, when the painters prep the house, they will check all areas and if any additional rotten wood is found, we will provide you with an estimate prior to completing any repairs.

Quality Carpentery Materials

At Forest Hills Painting & Interiors, we use only no-rot replacement materials (unless otherwise requested by the homeowner). This consists of hardi-plank, hardi-board, Miratec, cellular PVC and treated lumber. When no-rot materials first came on the market, the cost many times prohibited builders and homeowners from using these materials. However, these materials have become much more affordable. These materials offer 25-year to lifetime warranties, depending on the product.