Forest Hills Painting – Testimonials

Forest Hills Painting is proud of our reputation and what our customers have to say.

We hired Forest Hills Painting to paint several bedrooms and bathrooms in our home. Shane was very responsive to our request for an estimate and followed up with all our questions and requests. We felt his estimate was fair and competitive with the other companies we researched. We subsequently asked them to do a few extra projects including sealing our stained front door and installing some new sink faucets.

Shane is very knowledgeable and offered great advice to make sure we were using the products that would work best in our home (which includes young kids!). Shane, Kip and their crew were prompt, respectful and courteous while in our home and did an exceptional job. The entire project took about 3 days to complete. We would definitely use them again for any future projects.

Leigh Grause
Kinmont Street
Cincinnati, OH 45208

Forest Hills Painting does great work! The week-long job was nearly a flawless; the only mistake was some paint overspray on the garage roof (which they promptly cleaned up). Overall, the customer service was excellent as was their attention to detail. The estimate was reasonable and competitive, and I definitely feel I got my money's worth. Highly recommended!

Amy Buot

Forest Hills painted the exteriorof our home. We have a brick home so they painted all the wood areas and the metal fixtures on the roof. They also did extensive wood restoration to a bay window in the back of our home and upgraded our wood front door entry way.

Member Comments: We read about Forest Hills on Angie's list. Shane Carter is the owner of Forest Hills Painting. We were extremely pleased with the work. Shane is very easy to work with. He did the work for what he said he would and did several extra things at no additional cost. The wood restorations work was done extremely well and because of this work, he charged time and materials. They applied three coats of paint. They caulked everything--all the areas on the wood that needed repair and the areas where the wood attached to the brick. His employees were excellent. They worked very hard to do an excellent job. We would recommend them highly.

William Cowgill
Turpin Hills Drive

Its been almost a year since my previous review on Forest Hills and I am even more pleased with their service than before. They had previously painted my the staircase in my home and one of the challenges was changing the previously dark trim to white. Well I recently noticed that some of the darker stain was coming through the white painted trim -- giving the trim a pink look in some places. I called Shane and told him the problem and he and his crew came out immediately to fix the problem. They came out to assess the situation and decided that Instead of simply touching up the spots on the staircase where the darker trim was bleeding through (which I had requested) -- they actually re-primed and repainted the entire staircase - a very time consuming endeavor, but it shows that they stand by their work! Their handling of the situation and their professionalism was outstanding! Sometimes issues come up on jobs and how you handle them is key to good customer service. Shane and the entire crew handled my situation wonderfully and I will definitely hire them again for future painting jobs!

Dawn Grace
Burton Woods Lane

Shane is a professional from the moment I spoke with him on the phone to the moment that he finished. He explained that because the floor had been painted in the past and was peeling up and the salt had caused damage to the concrete that they were going to have to sand everything off. WHAT A JOB! Shane was able to fill the large cracks and joints and got the floor smooth with a LOT of extra work, but he explained that he always wants to make the customer happy with the job they do. The job took a little longer than he thought but did not ask for more than what we had agreed on. He will be doing more work at our house soon!

Scott Culshaw
Bar Harbor Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45255

First of all, let me say that Shane Carter and Forest Hills Painting are excellent. Shane is easy to work with as well is his crew. Shane was willing to go above and beyond to make sure I was pleased with the work. The amount of prep before painting was awesome. At least 2 full days of sanding, caulking and cleaning (by hand I might add) before painting even started. The caulking was amazing. Every seam on the outside was caulked as well as all windows. I changed colors from the previous painting 6 years ago and therefore, two coats were needed. However, one of the paints (an off white) needed a third coat and there was no hesitation to do the third coat at no cost to me. I would recommend Forest Hills painting in a heartbeat. The crew was punctual (here everyday on time with a crew of 4-5 people), professional and their quality of work was outstanding (I say this because I have painted the entire inside of there large houses and know quality when I see it). Thanks Shane and Forest Hills Painting. I will use you again if I ever need painting to be done.

Dean Stilwell
Mistymeadow Lane

Shane was very prompt and professional, as was his crew. They did an excellent job painting our home and paid close attention to every detail. Our 22 year old home, looked brand new by the time they were finished!

Sara Weir
Maddux Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45230

In mid to late November, I reached out to Shane to request an estimate for interior painting. He was professional and timely in his response. We decided on a date that was convenient, and Shane arrived at my house punctually. He did a great job asking questions, assessing the tasks and providing me with choices & options. He was very knowledgeable, and took time to explain things so I would understand my choices.

We decided on a date for the work to be done, and he and his team of professionals hit the door ready to go! They were highly efficient and very well organized! They were courteous and precise in both their demeanor and their work. They also demonstrated attention to details, and precise execution.

During the actual painting process, Shane also had ideas and suggestions that enhanced the overall look of what i was trying to accomplish. His experience, suggestions and positive approach had a HUGE impact on the final results!!

The job was completed in a timely manner, and looks just FABULOUS!!

I will likely paint additional rooms in the Spring. Shane and his team are the first ones I will call! I highly recommend Shane and his team!

Steve Gibson
Ramon Ct.

Complete exterior prep and paint, including stucco repair, storm window removal, paint windows and reinstall of storms. Carpentry repair of trim areas. Refinished natural wood beadboard soffits. Replace 12x7 foot bead board porch ceiling. Prep work was very thorough! Helped with color selections.

Had multiple quotes. Liked theirs best based on thorough description of work. They worked as weather permitted. Asked us often how we liked. Responded well to our concerns. Cleaned up great after. Our house looks great. We are very happy!

Craig Smith
Herlin Place
Cincinnati, OH 45208

I called for an estimate and Shane responded quickly. He gave us a price and they started the job the following week. His men were very pleasant and professional. I had some trouble choosing a color and they were very patient during the process. I learned that it is a good idea to try out your color choices on your home before choosing. They looked very different in and out of sunlight. These painters were meticulous, which we truly appreciated. I would highly recommend them.

Fiona Ehrnschwender
Denison Lane

Shane and Kip were nothing but professional. Both went above and beyond to make sure that the final product was exactly the way we envisioned it. They actually did extra work just to make sure the job was done right. Shane obviously has experience in restoring the exterior of older homes. Our 1900 built home looks amazing and we couldn't be any happier with the quality of work and the price that was quoted. I highly recommend Forest Hills Painting!

Jeffrey Evans
Marlou Lane

Forest Hills Painting power washed whole house, plus two decks. They repaired and replaced rotten and damaged cedar siding. Painted the exterior of cedar home with two coats of solid stain. We initially found them on a google search and realized they were local. Then looked them up on Angie's List and read the excellent reviews. They were also given an A rating through Better Business Bureau.
Shane and his crew did a spectacular job on our house. We are very picky about having work done on our house and could find no faults with their work. In fact, we would describe their work as meticulous. We will definitely contact them again, for our next painting job.

Christina Campbell
Goldengate Drive

Integrity! Shane and his crew were great! Shane had replaced some boards and when stained, they looked different then the older boards because of an existing color of stain. Without a word from us, they mixed some stain that matched the old color and painted the boards again and repainted in the new color.

We had ordered a window which they said they could install for us at no additional charge. We had to special order it and it came in late. They came back when the window came in and installed it and finished the trim around it. We were very appreciative since the job is a distance away.

We wanted to stain the deck ourselves to save a bit. They washed the deck down for us when they came back to do the window.

Beverly Walker-Gelbert
E. Concord Dr.

I moved into my 80 year old home 4 years ago and made the mistake of letting the previous owners go through with their plan to get it painted before I moved in - it looked awful and I wanted 1 less thing to worry about. They paid bottom dollar and sure enough it started splitting, cracking and peeling after 1 year. Subsequent investigation revealed that my house had been painted 4 times in 14 years. I let 3 more years go by before I started my research and the paint was in absolutely horrible condition at that point.

I am planning on staying in this house for a while - so over about 2 months I had 9 companies come out to look at my house. Their estimates were all over the map price-wise, and only a few really talked to me intelligently about the root cause of all my paint failures. Shane was one of those. What set him apart was his obvious passion for really wanting to do the best job possible on my house - from extensive prep work to selection of the absolute best materials for each surface (brick, concrete and wood) - he talked me through in detail what was wrong and what needed to be done to make it right.

Once they got on the job, Shane, Todd, Chuck and company did not disappoint. Every one on his crew was friendly, professional and very hard working. The job took much longer than expected thanks to the historic amount of rain that fell around here the past few months, but it did not deter them at all. The prep work was also more involved than expected but they never cut a corner and even went above and beyond to make sure they were doing the best job - even having a paint rep stop out to have a look at the job before they started putting on paint. Throughout the process everything was checked and re-checked to make sure each coat was adhering to the surface properly before the next coat was applied. This resulted in a bit of re-work that could have easily been skipped without my knowledge, but again in the spirit of doing top-notch work it was done right.

There were also some extra things done - attention to details - suggested by Shane that really put this job over the top. One example was a beautiful leaded glass window that had been painted shut for probably decades - they got it operational again which I never asked for. This required a LOT of scraping. My favorite details of the paint job ended up being some architectural details that were painted in trim color - brick window sills and the vertical bricks above the windows were previously just painted the main color - now they really popped and gave all sides of the house personality that was lacking before.

Overall I have no complaints at all and would recommend Forest Hills Painting to anyone for any job. Don't be lured in by bottom dollar paint jobs - especially if you have an older home that you plan on staying in for a while. You'll be getting cheap materials, little prep effort - and probably no adherence to new regulations regarding lead paint. If you want your paint job done right, and want to be sure it will look great and last for a long time - give Shane a call.

Daniel Rhoads

Exceptional experience with this company. Shane and Todd were outstanding. Came in on the first day like a hoard of worker bees. Everyone to his/her task. Smaller crew finished up the second day and Shane did a walk-around with me prior to completion of job and payment. I appreciate that they use top products and do great work. Several neighbors have already asked for their info.


Shane repaired doors and window frames with bondo, replaced a broken window, prepped house for paint: sanding, pressure washing, priming, etc, tore ivy and plant material from gutter and stucco and painted exterior. I didn't ask him to do the entire house because I had recently had some wood siding replace, however, he did much more than he bid on once he started the painting.

I have been a member of Angie's List for several years and have had good luck with the contractors I have found on this site. However, Shane Carter and Forest Hills Painting is by far the most exceptional company I have ever used. He promptly came out to give me a quote, worked with me on the time to do the painting, did far more than he had quoted, due to the deterioration of some of the wood around my house, prepped for a week in order to make sure the paint was applied on a properly prepared surface, bought the best quality paint, cleaned up the area at the end of every day and had respectful and hard-working staff. I would highly recommend Shane for painting your house. He has high standards that he demands of himself and you will not be disappointed.

Mt Lookout, Oh 45208

I couldn't be more pleased with Shane and Forest Hills Painting. He gave me a very fair price and his workers did an excellent job. Shane answers his phone promptly, he and his workers show up on time, and he does exactly what he says he's going to do. I don't know if I've ever been more impressed with a contractor. I'm recommending him to all my friends

~ Robert T - Anderson Township

Superb communication. Shane was a pleasure to work with! Arrived when promised and job completed when promised. A+ job on staining and lacquering some new cabinets. Will DEFINITELY consider Forest Hills Painting for future work!

~ Sally R. - Blue Ash

One of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. The work was professional, he checked to make sure we liked the job and checked back to see if we needed anything further on the job. We will definitely use him again. Thank you, Shane!

~ Carla W. - Hyde Park

This was the best experience I've ever had with a contractor in my home. I would recommend FHP to anyone.

~ Jon S. - Mt. Washington

Shane and his crew were truly wonderful. They were so good in fact, we called him back the very next week to do some additional work we had decided to put off! After we saw his work, we called him right back. We'll be using him in our new home as well. We'd like to publicly thank Shane and his team for their excellent work and professionalism!

~ Timothy B - Anderson Township

Shane was wonderful to work with. He really gave me a great value and a wonderful looking home! I'm really please with the work. I'd recommend him to others in a heart beat, and I plan on using him for future inside jobs as well. ~ Samantha S. - Newtown

Excellent experience. Estimates were on time and accurate. Shane started the job even earlier than initially planned and used double crews to knock it our quickly before the holiday. His crew was professional, quiet and considerate of the homeowners and our property. Cleaned up well after each day's work. We had the entire interior of our home painted in multiple colors, and the end result was outstanding - we were very happy with the quality and the look. Shane is not the cheapest guy out there, but he really proves the old adage about getting what you pay for. We will definitely call him again for future jobs.

~ Michael W. - Madera

The staff was courteous and very professional.  They did a great job on my home.  It looks wonderful.

~ Abby C. - Montgomery

Great job. Already doing a job for someone we referred him to. Would definitely recommend Shane to anyone!!

~ David M. - Sycamore Township

No one wants to have to stop their busy schedule to have to fix problems on your house. Shane made the whole experience a breeze. He did exactly what he promised and was even early on both the bid appt. and showed up early for the job too. Our's was an exterior home painting job. They are great guys to work with.

~ Kevin Y. - Anderson

Shane and his team did a great job. We are very happy with the work they did (wall repair and painting a 20+ ft tall room). I will certainly have Forest Hills Painting come back and do more work for us as we decide colors for the rest of our house. While not 'cheap', Shane represents the very best value for the services provided.

~ Rachel R. - Kenwood

Shane and his crew were "Forest Hills Painting". I chose specialty paint for a large portion of the work that was very temperamental for Shane to work with. He was able to get exactly the result I was looking for demonstrating his creativity and skills. He was here when he said he would be, kept me informed of the progress along the way, stayed within his quoted price and overall delivered a beautiful finished product. I will have him back for additional work in my home and would highly recommend his service to anyone looking for "Forest Hills Painting". Thanks, Shane~ We truly appreciate the great work!

~ Michael P. - Mt. Washington

I was very pleased with the work from Forest Hills Painting. The job was completed extremely quickly. I appreciated the friendliness of your company. However, there were 3 spots of paint on the carpet that were not cleaned. Overall I was satisfied with the job and would recommend to other people.

~ Frank M. - Mt Washington

From meeting Shane to saying goodbye to his team, this was the most professional company for home repairs that I have ever had the pleasure to utilize. The most outstanding part of the experience was seeing firsthand how dedicated they are to a clean job - the job took 2 days, and they left everything completely cleaned up and vacuumed the night between the 2 days. The guys were careful to remove all breakables and valuables from the work area, returned all furniture to it's original position, and again, left me with a job well done and a work area even my housekeeper will be grateful to see. Thanks Shane and gang!!

~ Angela G. - Mt. Adams

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